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No One Knows

No one knows
As she stands there
Tapping out the rhythm
That she feels herself signing the concepts of songs
It’s a habit
Deep with meaning to her soul.

She feels intense emotion
Tied to the way her body moves
In her mind.

She sees herself doing what she sings about
Though all the while,
Her body doesn’t move outwardly
Doesn’t show her signs
Does not make them known.

Her memory of conveying her beliefs,
In a signed language
Are only for her to see
As she remembers standing on a dark platform
Interpreting English words into
A visual dance.

The song is more complete to her
When she hears it
Feels it
Shows it with all her being
Yet she doesn’t put it on display
Because she doesn’t feel the need
To draw attention.

There is no one there that would understand.

The visualization itself
Brings her closer to her Maker.