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via Daily Prompt: Treat

Tonight, I decided to treat myself to a glass of Chardonnay from South Eastern Australia.  I bought the bottle at a wine tasting party a couple of months ago.  This shows how seldom I drink.  It’s been sitting pretty on my kitchen counter patiently waiting for opening day.

Besides drinking chardonnay after work, I did something else I don’t usually do.  I took out a sketch pad & a needle drawing pen & started drawing.  Having a little drink, drawing and listening to Christian music by Lauren Daigle, Selah and Danny Gokey was so relaxing… Why haven’t I done this sooner?  I used to love drawing as a kid, even as a teenager and then I stopped.  The last time I drew something was with my  nephews and we had a blast.  We had one of those drawing books that teaches you how to draw cartoon characters.  My older nephew and I learned how to draw a cartoon image of a shark. I think I drew a bumble bee, too.. I know.. You’re thinking, “A bumble bee? How hard can that be?” She was a quite the detailed bumble bee. She almost looked like she was straight out of The Bee Movie. She helped me to hone those drawing skills again. And my youngest nephew drew a pretty good-looking fish with a lot of character and color.

Looking back on that day, I remember feeling like a kid again wanting to relive that joy I felt sitting down at the kitchen table drawing and being completely focused on getting it exactly right. Not thinking about anything else but making my picture perfect and taking a peek at the kids drawing skills, too. It’s so great to have things to do that calm our minds like that. I love the time I get to spend with them creating cool things.

Every once and awhile, we need to remember to change things up a bit and try doing something again that we used to spend hours doing before we turned into hard-working money makers.. It feels good to treat yourself with another way to unwind & enjoy this life.

How’d you treat yourself today?